Our product is MOBILE:

Infuzamed introduces an industry-first innovation: a mobile wearable infusion pump with advanced remote monitoring and control capabilities.
Our lightweight product liberates patients from traditional cumbersome wires and poles.”The device sits sleekly and comfortably on a patient’s forearm and requires no additional attachments

Our product is PRECISE:

While some market products are portable, they often lack precision, volume control, and versatility in administration routes and volumes.

Monitoring Program

Infuzamed’s WiFi-based monitoring program tracks patients in real time, collecting and transmitting vital signs remotely to medical personnel.

Monitoring Program(IRMP).

Infuzamed Wearable Patient Care Modules with Real-time Monitoring
1- Blood Pressure (BP) modules that record and transmit patients BP.

a)Intermittent BP Devices
b)ABM devices

2- Multilead Holter records the true cardiac rhythm and real-time transmission.
3- Real-time Respiratory Rate and Oxygen Saturation.


  • Versatility: Most commercial pre-filled syringes can be attached to our Infuzamed module via a luer lock for a precise and calculated infusion, whether IV or subcutaneous. Mounted on the forearm, Infuzamed enhances patient mobility. It uses a standard of four sets of single-use disposable syringes (with luer- lock connectors) and administration sets, designed for use on syringe pumps that wraps around the forearm- meeling it non dedicated standard pre- filled, single-use, disposable syringes (with lure-lock connectors) and administration sets with anti-siphon valves designed for use on syringe type PCA pump devices well.
  • Infuzamed Remote

Infuzamed Software Program

Infuzamed accesses a drug library program to accurately deliver the correct drug dosages to the patient. Infuzamed is equipped with two independent pumps with unique features:

  1. The Synchronized Program Pump provides drugs and antibiotics
    to the KVO unit.

  2. The Asynchronous Pumps operate independently, each working at different times.

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