What is Infuzamed?

Infuzamed revolutionizes patient care by bringing hospital-level monitoring and drug delivery right to your home.

How does the unit communicate with the caregivers?

The pump features an LTE communication system enabling remote transmission of pump data directly to caregivers.” The amount of medication delivered, as well as any troubleshooting, can be done remotely.

How does Infuzamed ensure correct dosing to the patient?

Infuzamed guarantees precise drug dosing through a built-in drug library and robust security systems to prevent dose tampering.

How does Infuzamed ensure patient confidentiality and HIPAA?

Infuzamed prioritizes patient confidentiality with stringent encryption and cybersecurity measures, ensuring HIPAA compliance and safeguarding patient records.

What are other comparable units in the market?

Infuzamed provides a large volume of IV infusion drugs. It is unique as it is precise and is an ambulatory unit which has the option to be monitored remotely.

Can Infuzamed pumps be used for children?

Infuzamed pumps are versatile and portable for pediatric use, designed with safety features suitable for children, although not for forearm wrapping.

What are Infuzamed Modules?

Infuzamed has two basic modules that can be remotely monitored.

1-Pump Module

This module offers real-time updates on drug infusion rates and includes a patient protection system with heat, air-bubble, and drug leakage sensors for automatic pump shutoff in emergencies.

2- Medical Grade Patient monitoring Module

The Medical Grade Patient Monitoring Module integrates with FDA-approved devices for comprehensive monitoring including blood pressure, temperature, oxygenation, and cardiac rhythm.