To make medical care
portable & remotely accessible

Remote Caring for
the patients

Infuzamed introduces a revolutionary drug delivery method using a large-volume pump for precise IV medication. Our commitment to patient safety and treatment accuracy is upheld through rigorous remote monitoring. Designed with the patient’s quality of life as a priority, Infuzamed delivers a distinctive method of care that seamlessly integrates into their daily routines, ensuring minimal disruption while maintaining the highest standards of medical treatment. Together, we can strive to regain freedom for patients and improve their quality of life.

Mobility with safety

Simple Design

Our dedication to elevating healthcare standards is reflected in the advanced engineering and user-friendly design of our product. We specialize in providing precise and versatile fluid delivery solutions, catering to both intermittent and continuous medical needs. With a focus on patient-specific treatment, we ensure that every aspect of care is met with reliability and excellence, mirroring the commitment to quality and innovation.

Wearable Pump

Ergonomic Design ensures mobility and flexibility in day to day activities while receiving IV medications.


Infuzamed’s Cybersecurity Program ensures safe drug infusion, maintaining the highest safety standards..


Advanced Remote Monitoring Program

Cloud-based program

1-Monitor drug delivery in real-time via the pump.

2-Ensure Drug dosing by using Infuzamed Drug Library.

3-Real-Time Monitoring of Patient’s Condition: Utilize our integrated patient monitoring devices to seamlessly consolidate and track patient data on a single platform. This advanced system ensures continuous, accurate observation, enhancing the ability to respond swiftly and effectively to the patient’s evolving healthcare needs.


Device security is paramount at Infuzamed. We employ three robust methods to ensure the utmost protection of our pump systems. These measures are designed to maintain the integrity and reliability of our devices, providing peace of mind and consistent performance in safeguarding patient health.

1) The device is locked by a unique manual code, and tampering with the device settings causes alarms to go off on the physical device and remotely with the provider.

2) Providers can digitally lock the device.

3) The Infuzamed cybersecurity team remotely monitors breaches to patient information and attempts to tamper with the device.


Our device is easily used in hospitals, nursing homes, and the comfort of patients’ homes.

Accuracy & Precision

Infuzamed can precisely provide large volume fluids and drugs through its unique mobile infusion pump.

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