Founded in 2018, we are a dynamic California-based startup pioneering the medical device industry.

Our company leads the way in advancing disruptive technology within the medical field, revolutionizing drug delivery with innovative solutions.

Our technology sets a new standard in two critical areas:

1-Our wearable and mobile pump empowers patients with unprecedented freedom and mobility.

2-Real-time monitoring of both pump performance and patient condition during drug administration.

The company recognizes the crucial need for medical device makers to understand patient and caregiver needs, ensuring care is comfortable and technologically advanced.

The Infuzamed team, consisting of seasoned medical professionals, possesses a profound understanding of patient needs, reflecting our deep commitment to healthcare excellence.

We are hopeful that this device will be a leader in the family of drug delivery devices.


Unique Remote Patient Monitoring & Drug Delivery System
Infuzamed is an IoT-based healthcare system providing precise drug delivery and continuous remote monitoring.

Infuzamed’s drug delivery system will minimize the need for dedicated medical personnel for patient monitoring and will liberate patients from the cumbersome IV tubes and poles that are the current standard in IV drug delivery.

Infuzamed can be used in the outpatient setting and is therefore more cost-effective than traditional in-patient settings.

Infuzamed responds to the ever changing landscape of modern healthcare by offering a technology-forward approach to patient care.

Remotely Monitoring for Enhanced Care

Infuzamed empowers healthcare providers to extend their reach, offering comprehensive care in ambulatory settings through remote capabilities.